Consultancy and training

If you are interested in using QuIP yourself, we can help!

Bath SDR’s mission is to encourage use of QuIP, and to protect the protocol’s integrity and reputation by upholding the highest standards of use by trained and accredited practitioners. To support this we offer both consultancy and training services (please click to see our leaflet of services), ranging from full studies to supporting in-house teams to carry out studies. Those new to the QuIP are encouraged to participate in training before they embark upon a QuIP study. The level of training will depend on the extent to which they intend to be involved in QuIP studies (study design, data collection, analysis).

We offer three types of training:


We train research teams in-country to collect data for QuIP on a study by study basis. We offer an option to train teams remotely for you. This is charged at £750 per group and would follow a schedule similar to this.

Lead Evaluators

We run a course to train M&E professionals in QuIP project design and management. This is run as a blended learning non-contact course which is spread over ten working days, including five live sessions and self-study in between. For more details of the schedule, dates of our next course as well as testimonials from previous attendees please click here.

We tend to run around four courses a year, with times to suit different time zones alternated between courses. The cost for this course is £525+VAT. We have a limited number of free places to offer to applicants via a QuIP Award Scheme. Please note that this scheme has been oversubscribed for the first half of 2022 so is suspended for now. Unfortunately we cannot subsidise regular training events without some fee paying attendees but we hope to be able to offer the award scheme again soon!

Please note that this course teaches analysis of QuIP data using the free subscription level of the Causal Map software. Use of this software after the course is entirely optional – other qualitative analysis software is available, and we will also discuss use of Excel.


Coding & Analysis

The Lead Evaluator course includes an introduction to the coding & analysis of QuIP data in Causal Map. Those who go on to use it may feel that they need additional support before they embark on an independent study. Given the time sensitive requirement for training (most people will want to do this just before they start a project), we don’t offer group training courses. Instead, we can provide access to online materials to help guide you through the main features and give you advice on best practice. Please contact us to enquire about the fees for access to these materials. In addition to these self-study materials we can offer 1:1 support to guide you through the first steps of coding a study, charged in half day increments.


Find out more about our different training and consultancy options.

Find details of our next Lead Evaluator training course here, or get in touch with us for other options.