Consultancy and training

If you are interested in using QuIP yourself, we can help!

Bath SDR’s mission is to encourage use of QuIP, and to protect the protocol’s integrity and reputation by upholding the highest standards of use by trained and accredited practitioners. To support this we offer both consultancy and training services, ranging from full studies to supporting in-house teams to carry out studies. Those new to the QuIP are encouraged to participate in training before they embark upon a QuIP study. The level of training will depend on the extent to which they intend to be involved in QuIP studies (study design, data collection, analysis).

We offer three types of training:

  • QuIP Researchers: training research teams in-country to collect data for QuIP on a study by study basis.
  • Lead Evaluators: a course to train M&E professionals in QuIP project design and management. (See details of our blended learning non-contact course here).
  • QuIP Coding & Analysis: an advanced course which follows on from the Lead Evaluator course to train specifically in coding, analysis and visualisation using Causal Map. This takes the form of a coding assignment and a follow-up feedback session. More information here.

More information about different training and consultancy options is available here.

Find details of our next Lead Evaluator training course here, or get in touch with us for other options.