QUIP Network

BSDR is committed to ensuring the widest possible dissemination of the QuIP approach to impact assessment. We currently offer consultancy for QuIP studies, as well as training in the approach, but to ensure that use of the QuIP grows across the world we are also training commissioners and practitioners to be QuIP accredited users. Once trained and accredited (subject to submission of an assignment) you will be part of a recognised QuIP Network.


We are developing our online support, but this community of practice offers:

  • Access to the Members Area of the website with further resources and guidance
  • The option to use QuIP analysis software and use the QuIP name and logo on your own studies (subject to quality assurance).
  • Listing on our database for recommendation to commissioners or use in our own studies
  • Invitation to any QuIP research and dissemination events.
  • Coming soon! The opportunity to exchange experiences, advice and ideas with other QuIP users.

Membership is open to:

  • Trained QuIP field teams around the world
  • Consultants trained in QuIP project management
  • QuIP data analysts
  • Organisational staff trained in all areas of the QuIP who want to carry out studies in-house