About Bath SDR

Our vision is a world where the voices of people and communities are at the heart of the policies and practice that promote sustainable development, well-being and social justice.

We are a small hub of like-minded individuals at the centre of a larger network of trained associates, and we aspire to stay small – keeping a strong focus on setting the QuIP standard with high quality work of our own, training others to use the approach, and continuing to write and present academic research in related areas. We are a non-profit organisation; all revenue is reinvested in dissemination and development activities which make the QuIP more accessible to as many organisations as possible.

We offer a range of services to help organisations map the social impact of their interventions, including consultancy for organisations who wish to sub-contract complete QuIP studies, or who require training or support to integrate the QuIP into their existing monitoring and evaluation system.

If you are an evaluator and think you may be able to use QuIP in your work, please check out our training opportunities.

Our core team

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Our non-executive directors

Licensing and trademark

Bath SDR uses the QuIP methodology and name under licence from the University of Bath. The name QuIP is trademarked in association with the methodology and use of the name without a licence is limited to non-profit and communication purposes only. The trademark exists to protect the name and methodology from being abused by those lacking relevant training and/or experience, and to prevent any commercial organisation claiming exclusive rights over them. The trademark is not intended to stop other organisations or people using the approach as part of their work.

If you wish to use the name QuIP in relation to any paid work, please contact Bath SDR to discuss appropriate training and accreditation by the University of Bath or Bath SDR.

If you’d like to check the accreditation status of a contractor, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bathsdr.org