About Bath SDR

Bath Social & Development Research (Bath SDR)

Bath SDR is a non-profit research organisation founded by a small team of researchers from the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) at the University of Bath with the ambition to bring more research into practice. We are not part of the university or funded by the university, having set up independently in 2016.

Our current mission revolves around disrupting ‘business as usual’ in evaluation – promoting better standards of qualitative and mixed methods impact evaluation of investments with explicit social and development goals. The launchpad for this was the development of the QuIP (Qualitative Impact Protocol), curated and nurtured by Bath SDR.

We are a small hub of like-minded individuals at the centre of a larger network of trained associates, and aspire to stay small – keeping a strong focus on setting the QuIP standard with high quality work of our own, training others to use the approach, and continuing to write and present academic research in related areas.

Bath SDR offers a range of services to help organisations map the social impact of their interventions. We can offer consultancy for organisations who wish to sub-contract complete QuIP studies, or who require training or support to integrate the QuIP into their existing monitoring and evaluation system. Find out more about our services.

We are constantly growing our network of trained researchers in countries across the world, as well as QuIP data analysts. If you are an evaluator and think you may be able to use QuIP in your work, please get in touch to find out about training opportunities.

Please note that Bath SDR uses the Bath QuIP methodology and name under licence from the University of Bath which holds a trademark on the name in order to help protect the integrity of the approach. As part of this we strongly advise that anyone intending to use QuIP in their work attends the training and accreditation offered by Bath SDR before using the approach.

The QuIP was developed at the University of Bath during a 4 year ESRC funded research project, Assessing Rural Transformations. Bath SDR has been curating the approach since 2016 by undertaking studies for a range of commissioners. As well as learning from each study, the work has enabled us to start funding the development of a training programme for QuIP Lead Evaluators, Analysts and Field Researchers. We re-invest all funds into development and dissemination work in order to help make QuIP tools and training even more widely available to evaluators. This includes subsidising course attendance on a discretionary basis, and the QuIP and Causal Map Award Scheme.

Below: Coffee washing plant established by Oxfam in Debello, Ethiopia (Tefera Goshu) Right: Our team on fieldwork in Ethiopia