Welcome to Bath SDR, curators of the QuIP – Qualitative Impact Protocol. All organisations aiming to have social impact face the same quandary: how do you know whether or how you contributed to an observed social change? The QuIP is an approach to evaluation, originally researched and developed at the University of Bath, UK to tackle the attribution challenge using respondents’ own testimonies. This is a non-experimental, goal free approach which challenges approaches to sampling, tackles bias in data collection, adds rigour to the analysis of qualitative data, and encourages real engagement with findings through the use of innovative interactive data visualisations. Please scroll down to see more and a short animation on the QuIP.

Bath SDR is a non-profit research organisation set up by the authors of the QuIP; we are passionate about doing business differently and disrupting the status quo in research and evaluation. Our aims are to:

  • Be a development hub for cutting edge applied research from the Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath
  • Use new research methods to contribute to positive change in the social & development sectors
  • Provide further research opportunities for CDS alumni and staff as well as wider capacity building across the world

If you are an evaluator interested in learning more about the QuIP, or a funder interested in helping us fund new action research or capacity building in your sector please get in touch.

Helping to map your organisation’s contribution to social change

The QuIP is a simple and cost-effective way to gather, analyse and present feedback from intended beneficiaries about significant drivers of change in their lives. This groundbreaking approach is promoted by Bath SDR, a small values-led consultancy founded by the authors of the QuIP.