Our Vision

Our vision is a world where the voices of people and communities are at the heart of the policies and practice that promote sustainable development, well-being and social justice.


We are only a small consultancy, providing training, research and advisory services, and as such our aims are modest, but we are all passionate about what a difference good research can make to practice. 

The company was set up at the initiative of staff from the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) at the University Bath, and aims to conduct activities that complement and enhance its work. Our primary aim at present is to promote more and better use of qualitative methods, with a focus on the QuIP approach in particular. We are interested in and will look for opportunities to showcase how good qualitative methods can improve how we learn from any intervention with a social aim, placing a high value on the testimony of intended stakeholders. Our work has a particularly strong interest in causal pathways and mechanisms, and as such Bath SDR was involved in the launch of and maintains a small stake in the standalone web application Causal Map, which is run as a separate company.

We are a non-profit organisation, surplus revenue is reinvested in dissemination and development activities which make the QuIP more accessible to as many organisations as possible.