Health, nutrition, water and sanitation

Projects we have worked on in this sector:

C&A Foundation, Mexico: Evaluation of C&A Foundation‘s YQYP Programme to improve the working conditions and wellbeing of textile and apparel factories in Central Mexico. Impact assessment and process evaluation. 32 interviews, 4 focus groups and 2 case studies across six textile factories in two states of Mexico. Carried out by Bath SDR between October 2016 – March 2017.  You can view the full report here.


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Save the Children, Tanzania: Evaluation of a Save the Children agriculture and nutrition project aimed at babies and young children in the south of Tanzania. 30 interviews, 4 focus groups and 5 key stakeholder interviews/focus groups with key civil society organisations. Carried out by Bath SDR between March – May 2017.

Save the Children, Ethiopia: Evaluation of an early action intervention to mitigate impacts of predicted poor rains on a drought-affected community in the Somaliland region. 24 interviews, 4 focus groups. Carried out by Bath SDR between August – November 2017.

Save the Children, Mozambique: Evaluation of the ‘Linking Agribusiness and Nutrition’ programme in Tete and Manica provinces in Mozambique. 48 interviews, 8 focus groups. Carried out by Bath SDR in June – September 2019.


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Aga Khan Foundation, Tajikistan: Evaluation of an Aga Khan Foundation project implementing the Food Security and Nutrition Programme (FSNP) across 14 sub-districts of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) in Tajikistan, covering 112 villages with over 1,730 severely food insecure households. 36 interviews, 6 focus groups. Carried out by Bath SDR in July 2017


Aga Khan Development Network, Tajikistan: Support of the AKDN Quality of Life Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Support Unit undertaking a Quality of Live study in Tajikistan. 72 interviews and 12 focus groups. Carried out by Bath SDR in September-October 2019.