Market Sector Development

Projects we have conducted relating to market sector development:

Centre for Development Studies, Sierra Leone: Exploratory study looking at the impacts of formalisation of the artisanal mining sector. 24 individual interviews with a range of key informants. Carried out by Bath SDR and CDS between April – May 2020.

Triple Line Consulting, Ghana: Study looking at changes in behaviour and governance of timber production and sales as part of DFID’s Forest Governance, Markets and Climate (FGMC) programme and the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiative in Ghana. 20 key informant interviews. Carried out by Bath SDR between February – April 2020.

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Itad, Nepal: Four QuIP studies commissioned by Itad to evaluate different elements of the DFID Samarth programme, focusing on dairy, pig, ginger and vegetable farming. 24 interviews and 4 focus groups (x 4 studies). Carried out by Bath SDR between September – December 2018.

Acumen, India: Support for a ‘Lean’ QuIP using telephone interviews to assess the impact of a vocational training programme. Carried out by Bath SDR in July – August 2017.