Safer Streets Fund- QuIP Study

Thank you for participating in the Safer Streets Fund evaluation research!

This page provides an overview of the research you contributed to. We will add an overview of our findings once the study is complete later in 2024.

Who is using this research?

We are an independent research organisation contracted to deliver one part of a larger evaluation by Verian (formerly Kantar Public) on behalf of the Home Office. The evaluation focuses on the UK Government’s Safer Streets Fund round 4 (SSF4) which aims to reduce neighbourhood crime, anti-social behaviour and violence against women and girls, as well as improve perceptions of safety in local areas. The research aims to understand what impact the SSF4 interventions have had, and where the fund has had most impact so that future interventions can build on success and learn from failure. Bath SDR has no material interest in the results and we remain impartial in the execution of this research which we intend will provide a faithful account of what you, as key stakeholders, told us about your experiences.

Where did interviews take place?

  • Swindon
  • Gwent

These were chosen due to the range and high number of SSF4 interventions going on in these areas.

Who took part?

We asked the following groups to participate:

  • Parents whose children took part in activities funded by SSF4
  • Youth workers who have been connected with SSF4 interventions
  • Teachers working in the areas in which SSF4 interventions are present
  • Local people living in the areas in which SSF4 interventions are present

These groups were invited to take part in an interview to understand more about their perceptions of the levels of and types of anti-social behaviour they are aware of in their community, and whether they felt that anything had changed over the past year.


We will post an overview of the findings once the study has been completed.

Thank you!

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