Licensing and trademark

Bath SDR uses the QuIP methodology and name under licence from the University of Bath. The name QuIP is trademarked in association with the methodology, and use of the name without a licence is limited to non-profit and communication purposes only. If you wish to use the name QuIP in relation to any paid work, you need to have been trained and accredited by the University of Bath or Bath SDR, which then allows you to benefit from a sub-licence to use the name and approach. 

The trademark exists to protect the methodology and the name from being used by untrained individuals, which may undermine the credibility of the approach, or claimed exclusively by a commercial organisation to stop other people using it. The trademark is not intended to stop other organisations or people using the approach.

If you’d like to check the accreditation status of a contractor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you plan to use the QuIP in your work and you are not sure about licensing, please contact us at