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Free QuIP Coding Refresher course

Since 2017 we have trained over 120 people in QuIP study design and data analysis on our QuIP Lead Evaluator course. This is a valued community of standard bearers who help us in our mission to encourage more and better use of qualitative data in evaluations. Since the launch of Causal Map and Bath SDR’s move to using this software for all QuIP coding, we have updated and improved our approach to coding QuIP data, and we want to share this with our QuIP community.

We are offering a free online coding refresher course to all previous QuIP course attendees, including an overview of QuIP’s approach to thematic qualitative analysis and and an opportunity to try out coding and analysis in Causal Map with QuIP data. This is on an online platform and includes a mixture of audio and written materials, with guides available for you to download. We have sent out invitations to everyone on our list, but if you missed this or think we missed you, please get in touch via We want you to keep your skills up to date!

We are still hoping to launch a forum for QuIP Lead Evaluators to share their experiences and opportunities, so watch this space while we figure out the technical and capacity requirements to make this an effective space.

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